Women's only with Pavlína

What is women's only?

Full body workout that combines exercising and dancing. Choreography in dance fitness is simple and intuitive, literally for every woman. It's not about a perfect dance sequence, but about relaxing the body and mind, finding yourself.

How does it work?

The combination of strength training and cardio can get you in shape, tone your muscles and is perfect for those who or dont want to train in a  regular gym by themselves. The first part of the lesson is focused on problematic areas : belly, hips and glutes. The second part is for cardio.  Increased heart rate accelerates metabolism and promotes fat loss after a certain period of time. Every training includes stretching and final relaxation.

Why women's only with Pavlína?

A special concept of training designed by our trainer. To all our clients who are looking for a new and individual approach to exercising. Relax your mind and leave a pleasant melody in your head, come  try a training you will not find anywhere else.

Instructor - Pavlína Kocourková

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Pavlína Kocourková