TRX with Jitka

What is TRX suspension?

TRX = Total-Body Resistance Exercise

With a suspension training the physical force develops naturally - you only work with your own weight and gravity. Exercise is so suitable for people with different levels of fitness. The load can be increased by varying body position, so the exercises are safe for fitness novices and active athletes, to help improve performance and endurance. It can also act as a prevention against injuries in other sports performances.

How does it work?

The exercises are controlled, smooth movements, in which you learn how to control your entire body and individual muscles. With the help of the straps, it is possible to revive the training of classical exercises, such as squats, push ups and lunges. Variants of their implementation are TRX infinite. The most exciting, however, are original exercises that can not be used without the use of straps.

Come and be surprised by how creative and extremely effective the  training is with the  suspension system is.

Why TRX with Jitka?

Everyone is welcome - beginner or intermediate . Every session with Andy is modified to enjoy the movement and for that good feeling after hard work. Regular visits will ensure not only a better physique and muscles, but fats will run away from you by leaps. All this under the guidance of a sportsman with years of experience and practical knowledge to help you achieve your goals.

Instructor - Jitka Skřivánková

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