Spirals with Jakub

What is Spirals?

 Spirals means a combination of motion and music. It comes mainly from pilates, dances and yoga, yet it is different and original. They rank among so-called Body and Mind programs. It was invented by an experienced Pilates instructor and choreographer Michael King in England. Unique choreography is danced at rather slow pace for beautiful motivating music.

How does it work?

The lesson contains specific dynamic stretching, CORE work and posture. Exercise Spirals prevents back pain and helps eliminate existing problems. Exactly coordinated movements significantly affect overall stability, stretches, releases, and guaranteed to improve your mood.

Why Spirals with Jakub?

Choreography Spirals is designed to be as functional as possible, yet its structure allows the instructor to add his own style and personality and tailor the hour to the needs of his clients.


Instructor - Jakub Zvelebil

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