Pilates with Eva

What is pilates?

Pilates is a training method designed to help you control your body, get stronger and improve your flexibility.he method is characterized by the absolute precision of performing the individual movements of each exercise. Pilates is a very versatile exercise that is suitable for beginners and advanced people. Due to varying degrees of difficulty, anyone can practice it at any age.

How does it work?

The fluent and precise execution of individual exercises emphasis on the development of deep back and abdominal muscles.You can also learn how to breathe properly and work with your pelvic. All movements come from a stable center (the so-called Powerhouse) into all the peripheral parts of the body.  This provides a good support for your spine and relieve you from pain. It  also is a way to get a flat functional abdomen and improve your posture.

Why pilates with Eva?

Even with a low intensity and slow tempo training you can be challenging. However,  you will never go through pain and the exercise can be modified to your current health state. Each lesson contains the same basis, but it changes the exercises regularly so you can practice your entire body gradually. Some lessons are rather slow and others are more dynamic with more reinforcement. At her lessons you will never be bored and you will leave them pleasantly tuned and full of energy.

Come to see yourself how positive it can take to stop and feel your body in this hurried time.

Instructor - Eva Křížová

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