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What is BodyFuse circuit training?

This is an interval exercise that combines power, isometric and dynamic loads. The basic idea behind the BodyFuse system is the sorting of these 3 phases in any practice.

BodyFuse system

How does it work?

By combining all the parameters that have come together in the revolutionary concept of the BodyFuse system, we can get a real maximum from our body. The combination of power, isometric and dynamic parts is a highly effective type of exercise that will help you:

Get better condition
Lose weight, engrave your body
Load muscle mass (athletic appearance)
Feel more energy in everyday life
Get satisfaction from quality training
Fix your health
Increase your moving skills

Why BodyFuse Circle Training?

Stop destroying your body with no functional training procedures and try BodyFuse. A system designed to effectively shape your character. Muscle strengthening, reduction of subcutaneous fat.

The basis is to stick to the ideas of use, resist and make.

This puts your muscles in all its aspects and gives your body good incentives for physical transfiguration.

Blast your borders and move to the top!

Get back a healthy body that you have the right to.


Program creator - Jakub Zvelebil

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Jakub Zvelebil

Trainer - Mgr. Pavlína Kocourková

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Jakub Zvelebil