Pleasant, soothing and experienced touch. The oldest way to relax your body and mind.

We believe that regular massage is an important element for a healthy life. Give your body a massage therapy. High-quality massage ensures faster recovery between workouts, increased performance and reduced risk of injury and pain.

Sports massage
Back and neck (30 minutes) = 490Kč
Back and neck (60 minutes) = 690Kč
Whole body (60 minutes) = 850Kč
Whole Body (90 minutes) = 1190Kč
Oil massage
60 minutes = 950 CZK
90 minutes = 1290Kč
Feet (60 minutes) = 890Kč
 Craniosacral release (90 minutes) = 1450CZK
Relaxing massage
Head massage (30 minutes) = 450Kč
Anti-migraine massage (60min) = 890Kč
Ritual of Five Elements (90 minutes) = 1590Kč
Massage by lava stones (60 minutes) = 1150Kč
Dorn's method plus Breuss's massage
1st application (90 minutes) = 1590Kč
Other apps (60 minutes) = 1150Kč
(A minimum of 2 visits per week for a full treatment)