What is Infrasauna?

As the name implies, the infrared cabin is equipped with infrared-producing panels that have a harmonizing effect for your body and soul.

Infrasauna, unlike classic saunas, quickly heats up and temperatures are between 45 and 60 ° C. The radiation is able to penetrate up to a few centimeters into the skin of the body that heats from the inside.

Why the infrasauna?

A lower temperature in the infrasauna makes it suitable for people with high blood pressure and others that doctors do not recommend the use of Finnish saunas. It is also ideal for all those who are just starting out with a sauna.

Deep warming of the tissues will be especially appreciated before exercising . It is also used after it - as in the classic sauna, muscle regeneration and rehabilitation of the entire musculoskeletal system are supported. When you enjoy the warmth, you also relax and rejuvenate your mind.