Fitness rehabilitation with Jakub

What is fitness rehabilitation?

An unconventional concept of a functional exercise that will help you restore the right posture of your body.

These lessons focus on the problematic parts of your body in terms of posture. The main problems include bad hips and inflexible chest, a dilapidated arch on the feet or the palms, weakened lower abdominal muscles,  weakened stabilization system, and much more.

How does it work?

We begin to shake the dull parts of your body, center your joints, and slowly straighten you into the physiologically most advantageous posture. As a byproduct of this exercise, you will gradually release all of your shortened muscles. On these lessons you will start to work with your body in a whole new way. You will learn to understand the mechanisms of your body's functioning and you will learn the principles of how to restore and maintain the proper hold of your posture. You'll find out how to help with a variety of pains, such as back or knees.

Why rehabilitation with Jakub?

After these lessons you are going to feel light, relaxed and pain free. Come and try new ways to work with your body and see for yourself whether these lessons are just right for you. We are sure that everyone will find their delight in them.

Get back your health that belongs to you.

Instructor - Jakub Zvelebil

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