What is biosauna?

It is one of the most modern types of saunas with constant temperature and humidity. It is suitable for all those who for some reason do not like the relatively high temperature in the classic Finnish sauna.

Why the biosauna?

Higher moisture, which is maintained in the biosauna, supports in particular the treatment of respiratory problems such as asthma and bronchitis. The stay deepens and "opens" breathing and cleanses the entire airway.

Pore ​​extension also improves skin breathing. The skin gets rid of dead cells and dirt, with the pores shrinking again and the skin becomes more resistant to external influences, more elastic, stronger, greener and much slower to age, which is especially welcome for ladies.

Biosauna works well if you have problems with rheumatism and locomotor system in general. Saunas are suitable as a major aid in rehabilitation after injuries and in tendons and tendons of tendons and muscles that, thanks to greater blood circulation, regenerate more quickly.